How to crack the IELTS Speaking Test Part 4

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There is a super famous comic book series that I am sure most of people in all over the world know, and it is Doraemon. It started as a simple series for children which took a small part in the magazine. However, it had surprisingly created a big wave which even reached out to the whole world. The story is about a robot cat from the future who has to come back to the past to help a small boy to fix his miserable life. That boy is Nobita – a slow and clumsy boy. Together they been through a lot of interesting things in the daily life as well as thrilling adventures. Doraemon has a small pocket on his belly, but actually it is a magic pocket which can contain countless of things. That is where he stores all of his gadgets from the future, and they help Nobita to overcome the difficulties in his life. Besides the two main characters, Nobita has other friends such as Shizuka, Takeshi, Suneo, Doremi, Dekisugi and many more. Shizuka is Nobita’s crush, and lately she becomes his wife. Takeshi – or also known as Jaian – is the one who always bully Nobita for his silliness, but sometimes he also stands out to protect his friends and family. Suneo is a rich kid, and he is the best assistant of Jaian when bullying Nobita. They fight a lot, but they are kids after all. The comic is not just only a form of entertainment, but it also has many valuable lessons about life. We can learn how to treasure friendship, protect the environment, and stay away from bad things after reading it. Doraemon is my favorite book, and I think there are a lot of people out there also love it like me.

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